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QuincePrints provides a modern platform for:

  • Language learning, Chinese/English
  • Cultural comprehension
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  • Core values
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  • New Zealand & China’s pioneering partnership

Confidence knowing a language can build as we grow and ‘experience’ meaning, through illustrated stories. QuincePrints helps strengthen English and Chinese language learning with children’s books that have tangible, educational value. Read, listen, look, and gain confidence!

Find out how kids you love can explore thoughtful adventures, core values and cultural appreciation with QuincePrints bilingual Chinese/English childrens books.

About QuincePrints

QuincePrints Directors Ron and Heather Vail are also the primary storybook authors and illustrators. Dr. Ron Vail is a medical doctor with a general practice specialty. He enjoys illustrating and editing children's books. Heather is an educator with a global studies focus. She has written for newspapers and academic journals and now enjoys writing stories for children. Ron and Heather have traveled through many countries (including China) and now live and work in New Zealand.

Their adult children, Laleyna and Julian, are knowledgeable in psychology, youth, business, culture and parenting. Julian and Laleyna also write and illustrate for QuincePrints. Hopefully they can visit China some day soon!

Chinese translation is by Min Zhang, who lives in China and once-upon-a-time worked in New Zealand at a polytechnic. Min's knowledge of language, education, culture and children's literature adds a robust grace to every story.

It is with aroha - love - that QuincePrints's bilingual children’s book series are imagined, created, put together and made for the emerging global population. QuincePrints aims to help us all deepen our understandings for a happy, successful and peaceful future.

Authors of QuincePrints series
Julian, Ron, Laleyna and Heather
with Abbey on the beach.

Children Books

Series and titles Age
Defining characteristics
Sunshine Baby
-Sunshine Baby
0-5 Large format picture books, dazzling illustrations, engage creative mind, warm, happy feelings.
Chinese New Years
-Year of the Ox
5+ Celebrating the zodiac animals in Chinese history and folklore. Bold illustrations with modern educational interpretive text.
Dragon Chat & Friends
-The Day DragonChat Lost Her Kite & Found New Friends
5-10 Picture book, understanding differences, confidence, friendship-building, storytelling through language use skills.
Eight Spirit Animals
-Digging a Hole to China
6-12 Chapter book, stories, fantasy and appreciation of cultural legends, trust, friendship, reading skills.
Healthy Habit Heroes
-The Healthy Habit Heroes
8-15 Picture pocketbook, chapters for engaging read, core values for youngsters, social understanding, mentally stimulating fantasy, models social/personal good behavior.

Large format picture books and young teen chapter books will have both Chinese and English text. Accompanying online portals provide audio in both languages so readers can hear the words they see. Web links are provided for teaching resources: key words lists, themes and suggested reader engagement tips/ideas.

Sample story synopsis and illustration from the Spirit Animals series:

One morning Fan is awoken by a strange noise in her backyard, and soon finds, next to a pile of dirt surrounding a freshly-dug hole, a boy with long hair and a slab of greenstone hung around his neck.

Just before Fan screams for her Mom & Dad, an owl flutters onto the boy’s shoulder, tilts its head and stares at her with curious eyes.

Fan stares back, as if the owl is trying to tell her something. ‘Kia ora, my name is Tane!’ the boy says. Tane convinces the curious Fan to slide through the hole back to his home in New Zealand.

Their exciting adventure includes a visit to the Marae, where Nana feeds everyone in a traditional Maori setting. Nana and Fan say goodbye with aroha (love).

Listen to audio sample:
Book cover

Sample story synopsis, excerpt and illustrations from the Sunshine Baby series:

Baby wakes up to the morning sun and follows it around the house and garden throughout the day.

The sun illuminates the wonders of the world, its comfort and warmth, as well as connectivity to environment. This first in the series counts in rhyming format from 1 to 10.

Book illustration
One two, I see you.
Three four, on the floor

...Nine ten, a big fat hen!
Sunshine, will you be mine?
Listen to audio sample:


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